Consulting service for authors

Consulting service for authors

We assist you with our expertise in all the questions that arise for a game designer during the development of their game. This service is especially intended for designers who have little experience in implementing games but want to approach this topic.

We specifically address your topic and questions. Possible aspects include, among others:
  • Optimizations: What do I need to change to achieve better playability or to generate more interest from publishers? How can I modify production costs through alternative material choices or rule adjustments?
  • Production: What legal aspects should I consider? What costs should I anticipate, and how can I finance them?
  • Custom Components: What should I consider for game components if I want to have parts tailored specifically to my game?
  • Marketing: What avenues can I explore to market my game optimally? How do I reach my target audience?
  • Crowdfunding: How does it work? What costs will definitely be incurred?

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