Games – Recycling

We prevent individual parts and entire leftover game stocks from ending up in the trash. We take over such production remnants, prepare them for the shop, or implement them in the games of our publishing house (Mücke Spiele). The finished game or game material has already been produced, so the environmental impact has already occurred. Now, something must be done with it to ensure it wasn’t in vain. We also regularly organize game author competitions because we are not the only ones with creative ideas. It is not uncommon to find a replacement part for your beloved board game in our shop.

Sustainable products

Our focus is on renewable raw materials. All our wooden parts come from socially sustainable forestry – PEFC, FSC certified. We predominantly produce in Germany and partly in neighboring EU countries. We use water-based paints. As much as possible, we avoid plastic materials. If you find such material in the shop, it is usually leftover stock that has already been produced. Otherwise, it would end up in the trash. We generally advise caution when using epoxy resins, whether for crafting or construction. These products, commonly labeled as “resin,” “epoxy resin,” or “casting resin,” typically contain BPA and/or other bisphenols, which can harm the endocrine system.


As a company

Timers regulate our electricity and heating requirements. We have installed a balcony power plant and two 170x110cm solar panels. We participate in the Germany ticket for our employees. Local employees cycle whatever the weather. We also have an e-bike available for cargo. We not only reuse game material, we often receive board game boxes, which we then use for shipping so that we don’t have to have extra boxes produced here. Wherever possible, we use boxes a second or third time. If the cardboard is no longer suitable for shipping, we process it into packaging material in our shredder.

The outdoor areas have been transformed into an in-house plantation. A beautiful herb garden delights us daily. We have fruit trees, a greenhouse, and shelters for bees, bumblebees, and other beneficial insects. The environment and its protection are very close to our hearts. We collect donations and contribute ourselves to the organization – Ocean CleanUp. You can also support the reforestation project of mags with a small donation.