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We support The Ocean Cleanup in the long term.

Until recently, we supported numerous local and international groups and projects alike. After much deliberation, we have now decided to support only one project at a time in the long term.

While it is nice to support multiple causes simultaneously, dividing the donation amounts among so many groups ultimately achieves little.

Because not enough tangible impact is made this way, we now support one major project long-term until we decide to switch.

We provide support temporarily, as needed and at short notice

  • Projects, initiatives, and nonprofit activities that support children, families, and educational institutions
  • Educational institutions and charitable organizations and events with philanthropic purposes
  • The engagement should benefit a larger group. This includes, among others: Friends of Round Table 47 e.V., TSV Drügendorf Tiefenstürmig e.V., Aktion Spielräume, Marburger Brettspieletisch, Aktion Umwelt-Einstein, Proto-Fest, and more.

What is the donation cent and why should you pay it?

The Spendencent is an optional choice that our customers can select and click on for the desired item. All proceeds are donated to a nonprofit organization mentioned above.

In various articles, you will find the Spendencent, where you can choose between different amounts. This amount is then automatically allocated to the organization.

Please understand that we cannot support:

  • Projects with political, religious, or commercial goals
  • Donation circulars or form letters

Your spontaneous sponsorship or donation request

1 Charity Cent Ocean Cleanup

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10 Charity Cent Ocean Cleanup

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20 Charity Cent Ocean Cleanup

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50 Charity Cent Ocean Cleanup

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