German Children’s Cancer Aid Foundation

Fundraising campaign at “SPIEL”

The Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Children’s Cancer Foundation) was founded in 1983 and has since become an important resource for families affected by childhood cancer. The foundation offers comprehensive support in the form of financial aid, psychosocial care, research funding, and public awareness. Its goal is to give hope to children with cancer and their families, accompanying them on their path to recovery.

We are proud to support the work of the Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung and to contribute to ensuring that affected children receive the best possible care and support. Every year at the SPIEL fair, we organize a fundraising campaign at our booth to support the foundation and raise awareness about the challenges of childhood cancer.

Together, we can make a difference and help ensure that no child fights cancer alone. Visit our booth at the SPIEL fair to learn more about our fundraising campaign and ways to support the Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung.